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Data recovery from Blu-ray / DVD / CD

NOVELTY! Recently we have the opportunity to recover information or videos from corrupted, scratched, shot, damaged optical / compact / laser DVD / CD / Blu-ray discs. Polishing equipment is used to restore the surface of the scratched discs.

Not so long ago, we could watch wedding on holiday our favorite CD, photos from leisure activities, listen to licensed music, watch videos of family and friends, and so on.

But time takes its!

  There are rare cases where, for whatever reason, the drives are scratched, the surface becomes "blurred" and it becomes impossible to watch videos or photos of your own wedding or other special occasions. Then you need to use a special rehabilitation service CD.

Відновлення весілля з пошкодженого DVD диска

The photo shows reconstituted wedding DVDs before and after polishing!

  To restore the surface of scratched disks, we use specialized equipment, which allows us to restore the surface of the laser disk and read it with specialized software.

Manufacturers of optical disks

  We recall information from the following manufacturers: X-Digital, VS, Ritek, Perfeo, Emtec, Artex, Alerus, Verbatim, TDK, RIDATA, Patron, CMC, Arita, TaiyoYuden, Sony, Philips, HewlettPackard, Basf, BASF, MMORE, Imation, Memorex, Mitsui, Philips, Sony, BTC, Prince & KingTech, SKC, FujiFilm, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic.

Лазерні диски

Classification of disks

All disks are divided into the following types: M-Disc, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD + RDL, DVD + R, DVD-RW, BD-RDL, BD-RSL, BD-RE, BD-RXL .

Types of laser disk damage/strong>

- Contamination of the surface of the disc.
- Scratch the disk.
- A crack on the disk.
- Damage to the substrate.
- Fault at recording time.
- Overwritten disk.
- Disk unclosed sessions.
- Damage to the working layer / surfaces.
- Unstable reading of files.
- The laser disc was recorded with errors.
- Not determined by the CD-drive.
- Random or deliberate erasure of information.

Пошкоджений оптичний диск DVD

Disks before and after polishing.

   As your wedding disc is not read, please contact us, we will help you to return your favorite memories.

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Data recovery from Blu-ray / DVD / CD
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