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USB flash data recovery (flash drives)

 Successfully recover information from "flash drives" from different manufacturers. We will help you to restore photos, video archives, documents, databases, coursework or diploma work from a damaged flash drive.

 Unfortunately, the flash drives are not the most reliable devices that are protected from damage and fail, which results in data loss or problems with access to files and folders. To solve such problems is the task of our specialists who are ready to take up the restoration of your lost photos, videos, documents and so on.

Відновлення інформації з флешок PC-3000 Flash

Manufacturers of USB Flash

  We recover the data from USB Flash from the following manufacturers: SmartBuy, Sunroz, Techkey, Toshiba, Tribe, Uniq, Verico, YTech, iDrive, Dnipro-M, iDragon, ADATA, Apacer, Coteetci, Emtec, Forte, Goodram, Hoco, Jaster, Kingston , LiveCheck, Kyoto, Kingstick, Imation, Hama, Geek Land, Exceleram, Elari, Corsair, APC, HP, LaCie, Lexar, M +, OSMR, PQI, PhotoFast, Pretec, RIDATA, Samsung, Secure, Silicon Power, Wellendoff, Verbatim, Unim, Transcend, Torras, Team, Strontium, Smare, Shandian, SanDisk, Remax, Piko, Patriot, PNY, Maxell as well as Chinese flash drives (No name) and others.

Відновлення інформації з флешки

File systems

  We are restoring information from file systems - NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT2 / 3/4 and so on.

Types of USB flash damage (flash drives)

- Accidentally formated flash drive.
- Deleted files / folders from the flash drive.
- Mechanical damage (broken USB connector, body deformed).
- The carrier is not determined by the operating system
- The operating system offers to format the USB Flash Drive.
- The operating system reports that the disc is not connected.
- USB Flash is detected, but incorrect siza is 0, 8, 10, 16 mb, etc.
- Formatted with error, or not formatted.
- When recording or reading, there is a freeze.
- Flash is working, but missing folders and files.
- The carrier has been in the water (it is not necessary to include it, even if it is dried up. It is better to contact us).

The flash drive has taken you in unnecessary time, is not determined PC? Please contact us - we will help to recover all information as soon as possible!


  Do not complicate the situation. Discard the idea restoration of data by yourself, since unprofessional actions of any nature can only complicate the situation or make the recovery process completely impossible. Work on the restoration of information requires only the use of special equipment and a skilled and experienced specialist.

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USB flash recovery
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