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HDD recover

Service name Price
Deleted files / after HDD formatting from 600 uah
Data recovery in failure of File System from 800 uah
Data recovery with faulty controller from 600 uah
Information recovery - BAD Sector from 1200 uah
Works inside of the hermoblock HDD from 2000 uah
HDD repair from 600 uah

Recover from an SSD drive

Service name Price
Recover after deleting, formatting the SSD from 800 uah.
Recover data from SSD chips from 2800 uah

Recover from RAID array

Service name Price
Recover information from RAID 0, 1, 10, 0 + 1 from 2500 uah
Recover information from RAID 3, 5 from 4000 uah
Recover information from RAID 6 from 5000 uah

Recover from Flash (flash drives, memory cards)

Service name Price
After deleting files / formatting from 400 uah
Media is not determined by PC, reading errors from 1200 uah

Recover from Blu-ray / DVD / CD

Service name Price
Mechanical damage to disks (scratches, cracks) from 500 uah
Unfinished sessions from 300 uah
Not determined by disk drive from 600 uah

HDD Repair

Service name Price
Replacing the electronics board from 400 uah
Replacing the BAD sector from 600 uah

SSD Repair

Service name Price
SSD repair from 500 uah
Reflashing SSD from 600 uah
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